Smoothie to balance everything

  1. Reduced my craving for Carbs (and Hunger)
  2. Sleep like a baby.
  3. Clean energy system — better focus, cool’er demeanor.
  4. Energy levels — Do not get tired at the Squash courts.
  5. Upgraded immune system (no more getting common cold on change of weather)
  6. Hopefully better liver, no accumulation of uric acid in feet either.
  1. Greens — Well you know the story here. Just more greens
  2. Adaptogens (and so called super foods) — Read more here . The adaptogens do more than whats described here but that’s a good start.
  3. Plant based protein — Cannot forget this one
  4. Seeds — Similiar function as nuts but differently.
  5. Nuts — To care of the micronutrient needs of the body with all the essential minerals e.g. Potassium etc.
  6. Fruits — Anti-oxidants and other goodies.
  7. Other Vegetables — While you are at it, why not.
Wip this up in a little bit of Water & ICE for about 3 glasses of Smoothie
  1. Maca Powder
  2. Matcha Tea
  3. Ashwagandha
  4. Triphala
  5. Mushroom
  6. Protein
  7. Indian Gooseberry



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Preetpal Singh

Preetpal Singh

Restless romanticizer and Spiritual wanderer